They Came From Outer​-​Space To Interfere With Me

by One And Seven Eighths

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Please find at YOUR OWN LEISURE, 14 brand spanking new songs / tunes for your continued LISTENING PLEASURE.
The theme of our LP is loosely based on UFO’s.
Some songs are SHORT others LONGER. Some songs go TICKY-TOCKY whereas other are more like WHOOSH-WHOOSH.
If you find the relative volume of the tracks slightly uneven, thats because they are. Simply alter the volume control, yourself using your own fingerskin.



released January 14, 2015

'Mattachins' taken from 'The Capriol Suite' by Peter Warlock, 1926.



all rights reserved


One And Seven Eighths Stourbridge, UK

Cassette and record label from Stourbridge, UK.

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Track Name: He Spends So Much Of Her Time Alone
She stole my potato,
One hot night in June.
She thought I didn't see,
But I did with my eye.
She took it to Runcorn,
And ate it for lunch.
She thought I wouldn't see,
But I did with my eye.

I covered some Lakeland,
With a tartan tie-tie.
It wasn't like hers,
As hers was much bigger.
I popped into ASDA.
For cheese string and pop.
I tried not to stare,
But I did with my eye.

My canopy was jaded,
An so was my fleece (wolf-wolf)
They wouldn’t refund me,
Of this I’m quite sad.
I spoke to the manager,
He told me to leave,
They thought I didn’t see,
But I did with my eye.

They practiced Eurythmy.
On the damp village green.
Their socks were all wetted,
They should have gone barefoot.
They had chips and gravy,
Then went off to fish.
I hid behind a rock,
I could see them with my eye.
Track Name: Alien Abduction And Rectal Probing
All verses x2

They left me a note upon my windscreen.
They told me to meet them outside Halfords.
They've beamed me aboard their fancy space ship.
We've flown past Jupiter and Saturn.

There's 17 rings around Uranus.
They told me to lie upon their table.
They just put some fluid around my anus.
They've just put their fingers up my anus.

They told me to think of Alan Gowling.
I couldn't quite remember Alan Gowling.
They told me to think of Kenny Samson.
They've taken their fingers from my anus.